Michael Dougherty
is a programmer-musicianin Portland, OR


Research & Development

I aim to spend as much time as possible working on projects that truly interest me. My chosen development projects usually contain a strong research component as well. Currently my projects of interest are:

ssb-igo (github repo)

A Go client for Secure Scuttlebutt written in PureScript. I'm keenly interested in both functional programming and decentralized applications, so the goal of this project is to gain more understanding of both, and especially to discover patterns for building type-safe decentralized applications in functional languages.


A work in progress, this app aims to help humans schedule events with each other in a more human way than other similar tools. That's all I can say about it for now.


When I'm not working on these projects, I'm trying to make money in satisfying ways:


I am a full-stack web development mentor with Thinkful. I help students with no prior programming experience acquire the skills necessary to get hired as web developer.

Technical Interviews

I conduct technical interviewers for Karat, a company which other companies rely on for technical assessment of their job candidates.


I've played bass guitar for 18 years, about as long as I've been programming.

Bands I'm in

I play in a number of bands, mostly based in Portland, in styles ranging from funk & soul to jazz, Brazilian, and Afro-Latin.


Max Ribner Band

Midnight's Children




I'm on a few albums. Here are the ones that I remember, that are on Spotify:

Megalodon, Edible, 2010

Ronnie Burrage, Spirit Guides, 2011

Max Ribner Band, Here in Spirit, 2012

Max Ribner Band, Leap to Flame, 2014