Michael Dougherty is a software engineer and musician in Portland, OR


Full name Michael Douglas Dougherty
Birthday 11/11
Sun Sign Scorpio
Blood type A
Favorite color Green
Favorite smell Basil
Favorite internal martial art Taijiquan ("Tai chi")
Go rating 2 kyu (AGA)
# of tattoos 0


Main instrument Bass guitar
Years playing 18
Other instruments Guitar, drums, cajón, pandeiro, chromatic harmonica
Primary modalities of expression Funk, jazz, rocking the f out, lush chordal improvisations
Performed with Nahko & Medicine for the People, Ronnie Burrage, Delmar Brown, Gregoire Maret, Max Ribner, Greg Johnson, Nicole Berke, Moorea Masa, Gabby Young, and many others
Favorite number of strings 4

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Years programming 18
Years professional experience 8
Favorite programming languages Purescript, Haskell, Clojure
Main development stack Python/Django, PostgreSQL, React.js
Max. typing speed 100 WPM
Interests Functional programming & abstract algebra, machine learning, natural language processing
# of aborted attempts at building a game engine 3